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Awakening your senses, and your relationship with others and rejuvenation and building up your immune system.

Awakening your senses, and your relationship with others and rejuvenation and building up your immune system.

We live in a society of hustle and bustle, a society that is like an industry and a farm where humanity has been focused on business economy and war based economy of stress and distress. Stress is capable of lowering your immune system, even when your spiritual wellbeing is of high consciousness. The higher consciousness and creative you are, the more it rubs against the conformities of this manufactured prison of reality, which has been metaphoric as the “matrix” from the ideology as portrayed in the movie The Matrix. Stress ages people as well as lowers the functioning of the body’s immune system. When youre immune system is down, you are more prone to getting ill from bugs and viruses that live in the surrounding environment. Stress also is capable of causing cancer or promotes the development of cancer. Stress is caused by enforced fear, threats, discrimination, abuse, rejection, intimidation and many other aspects that people inflict onto other people. Human beings have been designed out of love to love and be love. In times of stress it is hard to project love since one retreat to themselves and go in a shell out of fear, just like a snail does when it goes into its shell. This is a defence mechanism we all have to prevent from getting further hurt, abuse, intimidation, discrimination, fear and all other stress causing factors.

The society today lacks the resources and temples or places of meditation and sensual exercises, which provide healing and rejuvenation of well being which supports and stimulates the immune system.  Places of sensual meditation or sexual tantra to be exercised. In the past sacred sexuality temples existed for this sort of thing, other planets have them, and in recent modern times, the Raelian Movement had such a place to exercise, temporary assistance does occur at seminars. The reason for the closing down of such resources is from the ignorance , stupidity, taboo, and lack of understanding around the topics of sacred sexuality/sensuality and meditation and the adept science of the neuron  networking of human beings and consciousness and the understanding and workings of the pineal gland. There is evidence that rich elites know a bit about this subject, and do incorporate semi-functional exercises within their rituals such as in the high degrees of freemasonary. One questions why is the pineal gland illustrated as a pine cone in the Vatican? Haha anyway its time to occupy your own pineal gland.  These places are just as important in having a library, a gym etc. I am going into this discussion be of neutral spirituality as possible, since everyone has the right to choose their own path of spirituality.

Since such places do not exist at the moment, due to the lack of understanding and importance of sacred sexuality, sensual tantric/sensual meditation practices, these still can be done with your partners or friends or yourself. The rejuvenation from the meditation or tantric exercises tend to be more of a positive impact on yourselves and others around you than doing it alone. Working alone with your sensual meditation exercises would require more time, than working with others to produce the same healing and rejuvenating results.

What you do is you set up a comfortable environment with lighting and colour, fragrant smells, sounds and oils, and most of all take your time, since time is irrelevant in a sensual setting, which could go quickly such as a half hour or could go on for a few hours, so the key is to erase time from your mind, and connect with universal time. That is natural time of consciousness, the cosmos, and overall the infinite. Things tend to speed up in the microcosms and things slow down in the macrocosms, this is in relation to the Fibonacci sequences, the imagined higher dimensional arrangements of the infinite which connects to and holds the known infinite structure and patterns. This can be seen in or illustrated in the symbol of infinity. The swastika illustrating the spin and spiralling of the Fibonacci through from macrocosms to microcosms, as above so below, of the geometric arrangement of frequencies of matter and particles which is illustrated by the Star of David bit also seen as the merkaba, Metatron’s cube, flower of life. Then work through with smelling the fragrances, recognising the atomic particles of the smells you connect to, the vibration of the sounds you are hearing, the touch of your naked skin against the environment on where you are sitting or lying, as well as the taste of your own body or little tasty treats you added into the environment you created. You realize yourself as being part of the infinite , from your environment, from all your senses, and begin to meditate with breathing exersizes, in connecting with the rhythm and vibration on what you are sensing. If you with your partner or friends who have agreed to join in with you, sense them as well as they would sensing you. Being with someone you would not only be sensing with the five senses in the environment but with your sixth sense, as you would begin to feel there emotions and love telepathically. Interact with each other and smell each other’s fragrances, and slowly dab some oil onto each other. Onto yourself you are alone. Feel the gentleness and enhanced tenderness the oil amplifies to the sense of touch.  As you have recognised yourselves as being part of the Infinite and realize that you yourselves can be perceived as a universe.

One does naturally argue on what is the universe and what it is. The universe is a mere perception of understanding a selective portion of the infinite where the infinite is categorised in branes, or even seen as levels or positions in a never-ending fractal. Such as a photon can be a universe when looking to identify things and analyse things on simpler level of quantizing the Infinite. An atom itself can be identified as a universe to, even a planet. A universe contains a universal field. The universal field which people call the aura is shaped like a doughnut and is the same as the field around a galaxy, a planet, plant, an atom, an electron, a quark a photon the same for a person. When you sensing each other and connecting with each other your universal fields overlap into each other like when two atoms’s energy orbital overlap in chemistry. Nassim Haramein likes to focus on the proton, I myself like to focus on the photon, Nikola Tesla on the electron and Rael likes to focus on the atom, they are nothing but mere marker points of the Infinite and all have the same universal field structure of spin or smaller fluidity of stuff.

Once you have massaged and caressed one another or yourself if you alone, you connect deeper, reciting mantra, what ever mantra you wish to do, the mantra would actually blend with the vibration of sound in the environment and the others with you. You begin to taste one another, each other’s lips and bodies and other areas. In doing this you become aware with one another, and your vibration energy begins to synchronise at lower levels and as well from upper levels if you’re telepathy has been awakened or attuned as you would feel and see each other’s thoughts. This would move to your centre point, as illustrated as your heart chakras, and get absorbed and toned up and through your lower and upper points.

Then positioned yourselves together and connect your “sexual organs” which are like connective ports which would increase the synchronising of the universal fields to become one field in a connected lotus position. While still sensing each other with your skins touching you begin to feel the breathing, as well as hearing the breathing and vibration of vocal chords of the recited mantras.  By practicing mudras you can focus energies to certain areas along the neuron network across each others bodies. Since you are connected at your sexual organs, the energy transfers between you and the other person. Did you know the preying hand’s position when Christian people use to pray are actually mudras? Yes this is a mudra. There is nothing mythical about mudras, its mere ways to concentrate the flow of your universal field through parts of your body., this would help focus the sensual healing through points needed which have been effected from stress.  Mudras are often practiced in yoga and standard meditation,  when positioned in the lotus position. Here you are like two adjoining lotuses, twin lotuses.

Here you focus the love energy you have for one another and focus on raising with the breathing and mantra, that is raising the Kundalini up through the chakra regions, then holding it at your at your crown chakra. Very similar to telepathy love broadcasting. But here you don’t focus on the broadcasting, you focus on absorbing energies and frequencies from the macrocosm, which is why it’s important to set up a comfortable environment. The oil on your skins also acts as an insulator where the electromagnetic energy does not get transferred through skin contact but merely between the connection points of your sexual organs and your pineal glands. Thus  focusing on each other’s Kundalinis using the mudras as guides where little sparks of healing love energy of the vortex energy   of the Kundalinis. The objective is to keep hold onto the orgasm without ejaculation as well, the same as love broadcasting to increase the amplitude of healing energy. This would cause an excite of the endorphins which would cause the body to rebuild its immune system at a rapid rate than expected.  Then with mudras you collect and gather the negative energy from the stress, since you would be sensing it, and push it down to your base chakra, ( the mudras act as an interface of concentration) disconnect your sexual organs and release the negative energy out by ejaculation, keeping the positive energy in your upper chakras. Don’t focus positive energy down and out as well since you would feel more exhausted, and drained. The reason why you need to separate before ejaculation is you do not wish to inject negative energy into each other again.  Thus ejaculate but keep the orgasm within. It kind of feels like standing in the ocean and being knocked by a wave, where the water splashes up and the currents move down around past your lower body.

After the meditation exercise you would feel like you had done some physical exercise, and feel rejuvenated and relaxed as well as physically exhausted, but spiritually rejuvenated.  Then afterwards take the time to rest and have some sleep and the endorphins would do all the work, in healing and patching up the damages that had been caused from stress including the damages from the virus or flue you experienced from the drainage of your immune system. After your sleep you would feel more well.

Anyway Much Love and Huggles, Namaste ((^_^))

Money stinks… its always a dead end for me.

Money stinks, it is always a dead eand for me, especially not being of this planet, and so different in nature , gender and things…
Found it very hard to get employment, due to the discrimination on the fact I am different and cannot fit in to “normal” society on the basis of bizzare life stories and such, so being on benefits and living in the UK is the only way to survive , unless someone has an open opportunity for me to flourish and be the fully creative being I am created to be.

Without money you are basically fucked… it is only a commodity that people use to exchange for food , clothing, shelter etc… and in some cases people practically force you to pay on things you dont really need such as the TV liscence… but are forced to pay it even though you hardly watch the tube, and your TV had been given to you as a gift, and you have the ability if you have enouph to buy components and build one up yourself, or go skipping to dig some old broken ones and put the working parts together to build a working TV, which applies to computers as well.

The reason why I dont like money and protest against it and long for a resource based economy or even a gift based economy, is that life would be better on this planet. Evidence of what happned to Nicola Tesla surely shows you the point where technology has more value than the crap itself, which is true purpose is to wipe your ass… since it makes good recyclable toilet paper, that you can wipe your ass, and wash it since it is made up with durable paper to withstand any bog , and even a zombie apocalypse.

The problem of it on why and how it realy stinks is that it suppresses the progression of technology as this is evident with Nicola Tesla, if  his major invention had been accepted, today we would have no currency, no pollution, free energy, and anti gravity space travel and even inter-dimensional space travel, such as cutting corners within the fith dimension of fractal space time of the infinite, such a s a wormhole/slip stream and tunnelling through quantum entanglement, a mind boggling form of teleportation through Stargate systems.

Human sociality would have evolved extremely rapidly, but the wanker banker Morgan fucked things up, together with Eddison which has buffered through today with SOPPA and PIPA, as well as athe causation of the coppy movement against the banks. If Nicola Tesla’s work had been applied with open arms and not shoved into secrecy for the world domination of things, we would not be abused and harrassed to pay TV liscences nor be brainwashed with advertisements… but be enjoying good art from the planet’s artists. There too would not be any countries nor wars, and we would be already openly interacting with our space relatives, as there would be no government secrecy and its caused paranoia and schizophrenia.

Money stinks to a major degree with it comes to social interaction, and sharing of information, truth and experiences, even things places and events that would drastically improve your well-being and perception of life. The truth is the more you travel the more broad-minded you become and the more accepting you become to diverse cultures across the planet, this is the truth, and actually counteracts the need for border control which is basically human farming by governments, where only the rich are able to move around and explore the planet and experience different places across the planet. people look down on others who do not have any money as well as restrict others who dont have it, regardless that they may have a higher IQ and more creative than you, just that they dont have the materials to prove their worth and the education to do so as well. However special individuals called including myself who get put under the label of abductees (dont like calling abductions abductions, since the word itself is incorrect and had been invented in the USA by the US military since they see it as unlawful for people on other planets picking people up and running tests on them or even socializing with them, or even patching them up)… Since we all have been created by these people from space, they do have every right to pick us up and stuff , very much like a parent with a child since humanity as a whole has not grown up… regardless if you the exceptional hybrid or awakened being… since humanity as a whole tends to throw their toys out of the cot on the basis of rations of control and slavery called money.

Not even being in the Raelian Movement for a long time I have observed and examined how this commodity effects the psychology of this dynamic movement to the point that money itself had boiled up snobbishness , egoism , hierarchy creation/domination and control wich conflict to the teachings of love…resulting it being slandered, cultified oh what delemma… and others who are a part of it, dont see this and in fact mindlessly and indirectly support this , causing its own downfall and harassment by ignorant individuals who see every human error downfall as a way and means to target it.

Since being an natural eccentric spaced out individual, I had been greatly appreciated and accepted in the first stages, but when it came to money… the shit hit the fan… and it splattered, very much so… it was like a spray painter artist with diarrhoea recovering from an last nights abduction experience. As you know I actively dont support money knowing it changes people for the worst and know that it is killing the planet, very much like a Buddhist monk in Tibet, just that I am not in Tibet or India where I wish I was to meditate in the sensual temples of Khajuraho, they dont see this. I actively wish to attend the seminars and teachings to learn and be part of the movement, just as much as I attend the Vedic temple and meditations and teachings even though I dont see Hari Krishna as “god” but an Extra Terrestrial/ Star Person. They would not help me with transport to get to the events where I would trade for the help in the form of art such as a painting , which I am also doing one for the Vedic temple for some of the food they provided me, as well some spiritual study material to have access for free where normally they would charge people to pay money as donation. Since I dont have money, I tried with my creativity, where the artwork has more value than the value of currency itself… did you even know that Art itself is horded like gold and silver ? Yup the millionaires hord art into their vaults… because as the artist progresses , regardless on the skill of the work, it increases in value…

Art itself does not only have economic value, it has value of ideas and inspirations as well as teachings. The artwork itself says a message, not in the form of words but in the form of picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, and providing symbols and extra terrestrial charactered words in your art pieces would astound humanity when they are openly interacting with the galactic community, it in itself is a strong point in time and history. So it is truly ignorant and a form of discrimination to reject and block me or even threaten the cancellation of my membership with the movement, including limiting my freedom of voice and the ability have a say and share information and spiritual ideas because I have no money, its rather preposterous. From what I have observed, those who have money seem to have more say than those who dont and even have more intelligence, backbone and consciousness than the guides themselves… who have originally being placed above other people on the basis of how much they have in their pockets rather than on how much consciousness they have…

The thing is ragardless of myself being a hybrid, that even an Eloha that created you born on this planet, growing up disliking the structure of society and their struggle with it and the monetary currency system would join the movement would be rejected, discriminated against and not understood and even called barking mad, because they could not survive in the rat race earth society, to earn money… and when they told you who they are and what they are wnad where they come from, you would deny it and discriminate them further to the point banning them from the movement, before even getting to speak to the messenger ! This is sad and true… and nuasiatingly sick and twisted. This which is why the movement should not be assimilated into a religion… Yes Yahweh makes mistakes and is human too… his first mistake was separating  the first hermaphrodite human beings into male and female…but because of this I dont hate him for this, but have empathy and love, and realize its not him that caused my separation…but my earth parents who believe in an imaginary friend called GOD, which is a word used to label a lot of things as this is evident in monotheism and pantheism. But being part of the movement and in the background has been rather special, and noticed the impact an idea that is dynamite that supported awakening and understanding is very touching and moving, and they surely helped me discover truths about myself, and yourselves in a large way.

So I stand up for my rights that my right to boycott the violent nature of currency and share my experiences and teachings without any cost, very much like Hare Krishna did. I agree I am human to but not quite human, lol. I have learned a lot from others, and many people I encounter in my life are my teachers, and this is not only people I meet on this planet, this includes people on other planets. We are all one and the same, learning and teaching at the same time, assisting, helping , loving and all striving to make this place a better place for people. You dont need money to do this, this can be done through the pure love and warmth that comes from within the need to share. If people think you are egotistic because you are sharing , do not worry, you tell them this, that you share without any cost. True truth comes from the heart of love of true pure consciousness, not with a price tag attached to it. Often when selling truth, it has the potential to loose its truth, since money is on the mind not spirituality that transcends above all commodities.

That is why it is very important to share your experiences and not sell them, especially when your experiences are looked yp to as important. currency and money does not give value to information and truth , look at David Ike , because he is a money racketer , is all his words true ? Arcturing Star’s information about Reptilian beings is far more to the truth than the Reptilian Agenda of David Ike. I feel this because she has the urge to share her experiences out of love and not in the name of profit , marketing nor sales.  Because of this David Ike does not realize the potential damage he is causing with his lust for money with his misinformation created for marketing profits and sales. His work could cause issues with people with different blood types(associating RH negatives to reptilians), and race on the grounds of his work, which resembles Hitler’s genetic studies and assumptions of genotypes in the ideology of the pure race… which caused the holocaust.

Thus when I encounter websites that are of extra contacts , abductions etc that ask for money and payment for information and material, i dont agree to be fully true, and if it is fuly true, and the people are concerned to help and assist people, why should people be charged for the help and advice ? If an old lady needs help to cross the street, I help her out of the goodwill of my heart, not to get her accross and ask for a pound for the deed…

which is why… wtf charges people for this information ? I certainly would not share my story with them, where they would put it into a book and then sell it…

Much love and huggles,


By zwitterelf

Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting

This does take a lot of practice, and often the pleasure and bliss encourages ejaculation, but continuous practices on Kundalini activation meditation would help. This assists in the amplitude of broadcasting love, and everyone is able to receive your ELF love message transmission, telepathically, thus gives them a better state of mind and focusing on love and not fear.

By zwitterelf

Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting.

Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting.

Once you have awakened yourself, via  sensual meditation/sensual tantra and mastering the flow of your Kundalini through your chakras, you can create a build up of this energy and then broadcast it through telepathy to the collective consciousness, and the natural surroundings  of nature. Amazing enough plants are able to sense emotions and much of nature, fauna and flora are capable of sending low frequency signals amongst each other, and thus when being around nature it nourishes your vibrations, since it is vibrating love. However not everyone lives in the country side and capable of getting healing from nature and the love it projects, since nature itself had been designed originally with love, and this love is reflected through and carried through  the centuries and passé don in the genes of life.

It is known that negative or positive vibration energy, which is broadcasted through the electromagnetic spectrum, is capable of sending out emotions, as well as messages. This can also be transferred through the vibration of sound, and radio waves and vibration of sound is continuously transferred sent and received and modulated by life itself. As you know your pineal glad is your transmitter and receiver of telepathic energy/signals of low frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, including photons which of a higher frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Photons on the electromagnetic spectrum are phenomenal sub atomic particles, and are the “god particle”, and sixth platonic solid, where as the low frequency radio sub-atomic particles , thus you can feel from your activated pineal gland .

Your hair is your telepathic antennae, the longer the hair, the more range of frequency of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency and measured in Hertz, telepathy normally occurs on the 4-5Hz range) was you send and receive, and then uses the skull and brain to refract and the signals that are sent and recieved to focus on the third eye, pineal gland. Thus for it being an internal eye it is receptive to photons. Since photons are the sixth platonic solid, and the smallest sub atomic particle that is measured or known in the microcosm of this universe brane. This is how telepathy works, not only that telepathy itself works according with quantum entanglement.


With quantum entanglement, when you engage in sensual meditation, or tantra with someone you exchange vibrations, which is very important that you meditate and exercise with love , pure love when activating your Kundalini, and utilizing it. Thus which explains why you are more telepathically stronger with the person you exercised sensual meditation with than another other person, and even in vast distances and time, since your electrons are vibrating in synch with theirs, and thus thoughts and emotions are not broadcasted only via the antennae of the hair, but phonically, by electrons releasing photons through mini-worm holes in the DNA of the pineal gland’s cells when in an excited state of bliss and orgasm. Thus with quantum entanglement any change to the electron spin of the one person who had engaged in intimacy changes, the change would occur instantly in the other  who is at a distance apart. The wormholes are openings into the 5D and 6D spacetime. Thus if you been intimate with someone from another planet, you can receive instant telepathy without using the electromagnetic spectrum of ELF waves. This could also explain the reason why intimacy exist between contactees and there extra terrestrial contactors, to create a better connection., other than to fly over the city of the contactee, or people of the city, to receive a broadcast, the broadcast would be instant through the transmission via quantum entanglement., how ever this technique does not last forever and electrons cannot be entangled forever, thus other means may be necessary to keep the entanglement, perhaps an implant.

Now going back down to earth, It has been documented that the government, via its military are conducting broadcasts of fear and mind control via ELF waves, the reason is unknown, but a theory would stipulate that humans are easily controlled by fear, which is why the wars, currency and many other instances are all fear producing factors. One can overcome fear by meditation, to relieve one’s self temporary from the continuous fear pumping that exists in present day society. Fear causes stress and anxiety and pain, and often causes irrational thinking, that causes chaos within borders of law and policy, where there is no love and empathy only ampathy and restriction, to herd people. Governments and ruling elite treat people and herd people like cattle, where “countries” can actually be visualized as farms. Basically the working class or work force of people, where people think they working for themselves and each other, they are actually working in the end for 1% in a heavily structured social structure like a beehive.

So how do you counteract all this organically? This can be done via meditation, by releasing love energy at low frequencies and be love beacons of telepathic energy, which tend to be more effective when undergoing sensual meditation/tantra and in height of intimacy and orgasm. As you have done group meditations before and releasing love energy through empathy broadcasting, you can also broadcast with sensual energy, at the highest frequency, as well using your awakened contacts you had been intimate with as router points, without them knowing, but all they would feel is your love and thoughts.

When you by yourself , but is more effective with another or more people in this form of sensual meditation, you build your energy through the chakras, starting from your sexual chakra up through to your crown chakra, circle it around and vortex it like a tornado, so it gains more frequency. The longer you circle this vortex the more powerful it gets, and when it’s more powerful the better you provide a clearer and stronger broadcast.  The longer you hold it, the more it produces a shield around yourself and your partner(if you not doing it alone),  that would not allow contamination to your energies  from negative signals as well as unhealthy electromagnetic radiation such as from TVs or energy saving lightbulbs, sometimes the shield does and might cause the appliances to blow if they are in the same room as you (or maybe your neighbours, if it does there is nothing much to do about it, they just suspect it as a regular power surge)and are not with your frequency, that’s why you should turn them off. , Depending on the volume of energy you have built up and vortexed. How do you produce this vortexed energy, this is achieved by holding onto the orgasm, and not allowing ejaculation to occur. If you ejaculate the energy is released in a burst, but not lost, it is released randomly through the macrocosms and microcosms of your environment, as well as broadcasted in a burst pulse at high amplitude, and the vortex subsides.  In this state of pre ejaculated orgasm of sensual meditation with yourself alone or with your partner, this is when you broadcast the love emotions that you have for each other out like a radio transmitter, How? By accompanying what you have learned from standard meditation of transmitting love with that of sensual meditation/sensual tantra in activating you’re your Third Eye and Kundalini. This does take a lot of practice, and often the pleasure and bliss encourages ejaculation, but continuous practices on Kundalini activation meditation would help. This assists in the amplitude of broadcasting love, and everyone is able to receive your ELF love message transmission, telepathically, thus gives them a better state of mind and focusing on love and not fear.

By zwitterelf

Understanding the Infinite, recognising yourselves as part of the Infinite.

Creating a better understanding of things, in either what suits you best.

Understanding the Infinite, recognising yourselves as part of the Infinite.Image

As you know we live in a quantum universe, we ourselves can be considered a quantum universe, the universe itself is measured on the basis of perception to create a finite understanding of portioning the known or seen part of the Infinite. The Infinite itself is Infinity, and can be represented  as the symbol of infinity, which the Star of David section represents  Metatron’s cube , flower of life the visualized in field which today scientists refer to the Higgs field or the god field, where some refer it to as the omnipresence or geometry, that extends from the sub atomic particles, to the arrangement of molecules through to the arrangements of materials, to the arrangements of body parts of plants and animals and non-living structures, through to the planets, and stars and galaxies to the known universe itself. Every thing in nature first into this specific geometry which extends from the infinitely small to the infinitely large through the Fibonacci sequence, which is metaphorically ascribed on this planet as the “fingerprint of god”. Thus the representation and the spin of this are represented by the swastika, as everything is turning and spinning, such as planets around suns, moons around planets, electrons around atoms, water vapour around hurricane centres, air molecules around tornadoes, stars around black holes and so on. The photons themselves have spin frequency of smaller particles that make  them up, perhaps small galaxy clusters ? Which enable them to show their colour by the frequency of spin, which directly affects their speed of movement as in waves.

As you know English and other languages itself is a rather primitive language when it comes to defining the understanding of the perception of things, including the translation from ancient texts into modern day English, such as the bible and including the ancient vedic texts such as the Bhagavad-gita. The term god has been used but is never realy understood. Due to the westernization programming of society in the form of religion that the general perspective of the word “god” is a person perceived as a male looking down on humanity, and tells people what to do and what not to do, how to live with the iron fist, with threats of not worshiping this imaginary being, one would go to hell and experience an eternal death. Hinduism has a different spectrum outlook on this word or noun which seems to misrepresent a lot of things, this is why I do not like using the word and saying “god” exists, since due to the poor understanding of people and the programming of religions.. So someone in the concept of panetheism saying that god exists with the perception of  “all is god” or “all in god” to someone who is religious such as someone who is Islamic or Christian would have a totally different understanding of your perception on what is god, since they see an imaginary being they worship it, to the point like worshiping your imaginary friend you created when you experienced loneliness in childhood. Thus, the word god in itself is vague and is interpreted differently from different faiths and spiritualities and renders itself as a nonsensical term, unless you understand what panetheism is and that the “god” noun perceived is actually the Infinite. Those who are ignorant cannot see the light of this, thus people don’t have the understanding of this which I assume may have been enforced on people by the catholic church so that people would remain ignorant to the truth, and remains and secrets remained in secret societies, of rich intellectuals where the poor was restricted from becoming intellectual. Hence I call what I see in the nature of things and what I am a part of and ONE with is the Infinite it’s a better term, however people are free to use and calling things god, but there is something to remember, that the term is vague and your perception of being spiritual differs from the other who is religious and stuck in a rut, and showing the light and truth would help them see things in your light when using words that that you used , but they see differently due to the blindness of religious mind programming and indoctrination.

Another word which I have mentioned and discussed is the word sex, sex in itself is also a vague word do to the indoctrination and perception of the word and labelling things, sex is a soiled word for things that are sacred and pure. Hence which is why I prefer to use sensuality, sensual intimacy.. sensual meditation and sensual trantra. Sensual meditation/trantra is an exercise for spiritual advancement. Having saying the word “sex” alone for example… “ I went to this temple and we had sex…” Often the person on the street would look at you odd and not see that you were exercising meditation/tantra, and not see the connection of your spirituality and how you perceive things as I know from experience with my art and which was visual and more explanatory, but with there ignorance and lack of understanding they saw it a narrow perspective due to their lack of spirituality or spiritual growth by enforcement of “experts” who never done research in spirituality and culture, and especially western religions which influenced the perception of the atheistic law making “experts”(where they deny religion, but have  concepts called morals from religion which is funny). Thus different words for different things helps people understand the universe better, than having used same common words that can have two or more meanings, blurring the truth to the extent where something sacred becomes soiled and misunderstood. So which is why I don’t like using the word “sex” when referring to sensual meditation/tantra… “sacred sex” a two worded noun defines the difference and provides the understanding, where  the single word noun in English has many perceived meanings and often incorrect, especially when identifying genders of people, animals and things.



By zwitterelf

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