Understanding the Infinite, recognising yourselves as part of the Infinite.

Creating a better understanding of things, in either what suits you best.

Understanding the Infinite, recognising yourselves as part of the Infinite.Image

As you know we live in a quantum universe, we ourselves can be considered a quantum universe, the universe itself is measured on the basis of perception to create a finite understanding of portioning the known or seen part of the Infinite. The Infinite itself is Infinity, and can be represented  as the symbol of infinity, which the Star of David section represents  Metatron’s cube , flower of life the visualized in field which today scientists refer to the Higgs field or the god field, where some refer it to as the omnipresence or geometry, that extends from the sub atomic particles, to the arrangement of molecules through to the arrangements of materials, to the arrangements of body parts of plants and animals and non-living structures, through to the planets, and stars and galaxies to the known universe itself. Every thing in nature first into this specific geometry which extends from the infinitely small to the infinitely large through the Fibonacci sequence, which is metaphorically ascribed on this planet as the “fingerprint of god”. Thus the representation and the spin of this are represented by the swastika, as everything is turning and spinning, such as planets around suns, moons around planets, electrons around atoms, water vapour around hurricane centres, air molecules around tornadoes, stars around black holes and so on. The photons themselves have spin frequency of smaller particles that make  them up, perhaps small galaxy clusters ? Which enable them to show their colour by the frequency of spin, which directly affects their speed of movement as in waves.

As you know English and other languages itself is a rather primitive language when it comes to defining the understanding of the perception of things, including the translation from ancient texts into modern day English, such as the bible and including the ancient vedic texts such as the Bhagavad-gita. The term god has been used but is never realy understood. Due to the westernization programming of society in the form of religion that the general perspective of the word “god” is a person perceived as a male looking down on humanity, and tells people what to do and what not to do, how to live with the iron fist, with threats of not worshiping this imaginary being, one would go to hell and experience an eternal death. Hinduism has a different spectrum outlook on this word or noun which seems to misrepresent a lot of things, this is why I do not like using the word and saying “god” exists, since due to the poor understanding of people and the programming of religions.. So someone in the concept of panetheism saying that god exists with the perception of  “all is god” or “all in god” to someone who is religious such as someone who is Islamic or Christian would have a totally different understanding of your perception on what is god, since they see an imaginary being they worship it, to the point like worshiping your imaginary friend you created when you experienced loneliness in childhood. Thus, the word god in itself is vague and is interpreted differently from different faiths and spiritualities and renders itself as a nonsensical term, unless you understand what panetheism is and that the “god” noun perceived is actually the Infinite. Those who are ignorant cannot see the light of this, thus people don’t have the understanding of this which I assume may have been enforced on people by the catholic church so that people would remain ignorant to the truth, and remains and secrets remained in secret societies, of rich intellectuals where the poor was restricted from becoming intellectual. Hence I call what I see in the nature of things and what I am a part of and ONE with is the Infinite it’s a better term, however people are free to use and calling things god, but there is something to remember, that the term is vague and your perception of being spiritual differs from the other who is religious and stuck in a rut, and showing the light and truth would help them see things in your light when using words that that you used , but they see differently due to the blindness of religious mind programming and indoctrination.

Another word which I have mentioned and discussed is the word sex, sex in itself is also a vague word do to the indoctrination and perception of the word and labelling things, sex is a soiled word for things that are sacred and pure. Hence which is why I prefer to use sensuality, sensual intimacy.. sensual meditation and sensual trantra. Sensual meditation/trantra is an exercise for spiritual advancement. Having saying the word “sex” alone for example… “ I went to this temple and we had sex…” Often the person on the street would look at you odd and not see that you were exercising meditation/tantra, and not see the connection of your spirituality and how you perceive things as I know from experience with my art and which was visual and more explanatory, but with there ignorance and lack of understanding they saw it a narrow perspective due to their lack of spirituality or spiritual growth by enforcement of “experts” who never done research in spirituality and culture, and especially western religions which influenced the perception of the atheistic law making “experts”(where they deny religion, but have  concepts called morals from religion which is funny). Thus different words for different things helps people understand the universe better, than having used same common words that can have two or more meanings, blurring the truth to the extent where something sacred becomes soiled and misunderstood. So which is why I don’t like using the word “sex” when referring to sensual meditation/tantra… “sacred sex” a two worded noun defines the difference and provides the understanding, where  the single word noun in English has many perceived meanings and often incorrect, especially when identifying genders of people, animals and things.



By zwitterelf

7 comments on “Understanding the Infinite, recognising yourselves as part of the Infinite.

    • Hmm thank you, the ideas are not all mine, but mere a collection of information and observation from an infinite number of sources , I had gathered up. I do apologise since sometimes I find it hard to express myself in words, which is why I had done a video as well. ((^_^)) Much Love and Huggles, Namaste

  1. That’s what RAEL was taught by the Elohim when he met one of our Creators in 1973… Infinite up as Infinite below ( meaning of Solomon’s seal ) … Love to You all… We are ONE with All … ❤ http://www.rael.org

    • Probably you wondering about why I am doing this, the reason is, is because of the lack of understanding that is going around about the subject, and it isnt just for Raelians only but for everyone, the planet is under a critical state, and being in a shell and stuck in structure rut wont rapidly raise the consciousness and understanding of humanity as a while, only the people in the movement… which is sad, thus sharing is important, as well providing and doing research on various sources , and combing the information, and making it one, thus allowing the choice of individual spirituality and brake off from religious concepts which get intorduced by structure. Some people cant survive in structured sytems, but merely as in dividuals equally and being one with the Infinite, Namaste

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