Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting.

Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting.

Once you have awakened yourself, via  sensual meditation/sensual tantra and mastering the flow of your Kundalini through your chakras, you can create a build up of this energy and then broadcast it through telepathy to the collective consciousness, and the natural surroundings  of nature. Amazing enough plants are able to sense emotions and much of nature, fauna and flora are capable of sending low frequency signals amongst each other, and thus when being around nature it nourishes your vibrations, since it is vibrating love. However not everyone lives in the country side and capable of getting healing from nature and the love it projects, since nature itself had been designed originally with love, and this love is reflected through and carried through  the centuries and passé don in the genes of life.

It is known that negative or positive vibration energy, which is broadcasted through the electromagnetic spectrum, is capable of sending out emotions, as well as messages. This can also be transferred through the vibration of sound, and radio waves and vibration of sound is continuously transferred sent and received and modulated by life itself. As you know your pineal glad is your transmitter and receiver of telepathic energy/signals of low frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, including photons which of a higher frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Photons on the electromagnetic spectrum are phenomenal sub atomic particles, and are the “god particle”, and sixth platonic solid, where as the low frequency radio sub-atomic particles , thus you can feel from your activated pineal gland .

Your hair is your telepathic antennae, the longer the hair, the more range of frequency of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency and measured in Hertz, telepathy normally occurs on the 4-5Hz range) was you send and receive, and then uses the skull and brain to refract and the signals that are sent and recieved to focus on the third eye, pineal gland. Thus for it being an internal eye it is receptive to photons. Since photons are the sixth platonic solid, and the smallest sub atomic particle that is measured or known in the microcosm of this universe brane. This is how telepathy works, not only that telepathy itself works according with quantum entanglement.


With quantum entanglement, when you engage in sensual meditation, or tantra with someone you exchange vibrations, which is very important that you meditate and exercise with love , pure love when activating your Kundalini, and utilizing it. Thus which explains why you are more telepathically stronger with the person you exercised sensual meditation with than another other person, and even in vast distances and time, since your electrons are vibrating in synch with theirs, and thus thoughts and emotions are not broadcasted only via the antennae of the hair, but phonically, by electrons releasing photons through mini-worm holes in the DNA of the pineal gland’s cells when in an excited state of bliss and orgasm. Thus with quantum entanglement any change to the electron spin of the one person who had engaged in intimacy changes, the change would occur instantly in the other  who is at a distance apart. The wormholes are openings into the 5D and 6D spacetime. Thus if you been intimate with someone from another planet, you can receive instant telepathy without using the electromagnetic spectrum of ELF waves. This could also explain the reason why intimacy exist between contactees and there extra terrestrial contactors, to create a better connection., other than to fly over the city of the contactee, or people of the city, to receive a broadcast, the broadcast would be instant through the transmission via quantum entanglement., how ever this technique does not last forever and electrons cannot be entangled forever, thus other means may be necessary to keep the entanglement, perhaps an implant.

Now going back down to earth, It has been documented that the government, via its military are conducting broadcasts of fear and mind control via ELF waves, the reason is unknown, but a theory would stipulate that humans are easily controlled by fear, which is why the wars, currency and many other instances are all fear producing factors. One can overcome fear by meditation, to relieve one’s self temporary from the continuous fear pumping that exists in present day society. Fear causes stress and anxiety and pain, and often causes irrational thinking, that causes chaos within borders of law and policy, where there is no love and empathy only ampathy and restriction, to herd people. Governments and ruling elite treat people and herd people like cattle, where “countries” can actually be visualized as farms. Basically the working class or work force of people, where people think they working for themselves and each other, they are actually working in the end for 1% in a heavily structured social structure like a beehive.

So how do you counteract all this organically? This can be done via meditation, by releasing love energy at low frequencies and be love beacons of telepathic energy, which tend to be more effective when undergoing sensual meditation/tantra and in height of intimacy and orgasm. As you have done group meditations before and releasing love energy through empathy broadcasting, you can also broadcast with sensual energy, at the highest frequency, as well using your awakened contacts you had been intimate with as router points, without them knowing, but all they would feel is your love and thoughts.

When you by yourself , but is more effective with another or more people in this form of sensual meditation, you build your energy through the chakras, starting from your sexual chakra up through to your crown chakra, circle it around and vortex it like a tornado, so it gains more frequency. The longer you circle this vortex the more powerful it gets, and when it’s more powerful the better you provide a clearer and stronger broadcast.  The longer you hold it, the more it produces a shield around yourself and your partner(if you not doing it alone),  that would not allow contamination to your energies  from negative signals as well as unhealthy electromagnetic radiation such as from TVs or energy saving lightbulbs, sometimes the shield does and might cause the appliances to blow if they are in the same room as you (or maybe your neighbours, if it does there is nothing much to do about it, they just suspect it as a regular power surge)and are not with your frequency, that’s why you should turn them off. , Depending on the volume of energy you have built up and vortexed. How do you produce this vortexed energy, this is achieved by holding onto the orgasm, and not allowing ejaculation to occur. If you ejaculate the energy is released in a burst, but not lost, it is released randomly through the macrocosms and microcosms of your environment, as well as broadcasted in a burst pulse at high amplitude, and the vortex subsides.  In this state of pre ejaculated orgasm of sensual meditation with yourself alone or with your partner, this is when you broadcast the love emotions that you have for each other out like a radio transmitter, How? By accompanying what you have learned from standard meditation of transmitting love with that of sensual meditation/sensual tantra in activating you’re your Third Eye and Kundalini. This does take a lot of practice, and often the pleasure and bliss encourages ejaculation, but continuous practices on Kundalini activation meditation would help. This assists in the amplitude of broadcasting love, and everyone is able to receive your ELF love message transmission, telepathically, thus gives them a better state of mind and focusing on love and not fear.

By zwitterelf

3 comments on “Sensual Love Telepathy Broadcasting.

  1. Your one dumb tripper.

    I’m willing to grant that society could do with some better management, but we humans are extremely robust, society will improve as misconceptions are lost to time.

    But what the fuck; micro worm-holes in the the pineal gland DNA ?
    Why don’t you just admit you don’t have a clue about its scientific basis, Because you may as well have. Jesus, wormholes in DNA, your stupidity physically hurts my face.

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