Money stinks… its always a dead end for me.

Money stinks, it is always a dead eand for me, especially not being of this planet, and so different in nature , gender and things…
Found it very hard to get employment, due to the discrimination on the fact I am different and cannot fit in to “normal” society on the basis of bizzare life stories and such, so being on benefits and living in the UK is the only way to survive , unless someone has an open opportunity for me to flourish and be the fully creative being I am created to be.

Without money you are basically fucked… it is only a commodity that people use to exchange for food , clothing, shelter etc… and in some cases people practically force you to pay on things you dont really need such as the TV liscence… but are forced to pay it even though you hardly watch the tube, and your TV had been given to you as a gift, and you have the ability if you have enouph to buy components and build one up yourself, or go skipping to dig some old broken ones and put the working parts together to build a working TV, which applies to computers as well.

The reason why I dont like money and protest against it and long for a resource based economy or even a gift based economy, is that life would be better on this planet. Evidence of what happned to Nicola Tesla surely shows you the point where technology has more value than the crap itself, which is true purpose is to wipe your ass… since it makes good recyclable toilet paper, that you can wipe your ass, and wash it since it is made up with durable paper to withstand any bog , and even a zombie apocalypse.

The problem of it on why and how it realy stinks is that it suppresses the progression of technology as this is evident with Nicola Tesla, if  his major invention had been accepted, today we would have no currency, no pollution, free energy, and anti gravity space travel and even inter-dimensional space travel, such as cutting corners within the fith dimension of fractal space time of the infinite, such a s a wormhole/slip stream and tunnelling through quantum entanglement, a mind boggling form of teleportation through Stargate systems.

Human sociality would have evolved extremely rapidly, but the wanker banker Morgan fucked things up, together with Eddison which has buffered through today with SOPPA and PIPA, as well as athe causation of the coppy movement against the banks. If Nicola Tesla’s work had been applied with open arms and not shoved into secrecy for the world domination of things, we would not be abused and harrassed to pay TV liscences nor be brainwashed with advertisements… but be enjoying good art from the planet’s artists. There too would not be any countries nor wars, and we would be already openly interacting with our space relatives, as there would be no government secrecy and its caused paranoia and schizophrenia.

Money stinks to a major degree with it comes to social interaction, and sharing of information, truth and experiences, even things places and events that would drastically improve your well-being and perception of life. The truth is the more you travel the more broad-minded you become and the more accepting you become to diverse cultures across the planet, this is the truth, and actually counteracts the need for border control which is basically human farming by governments, where only the rich are able to move around and explore the planet and experience different places across the planet. people look down on others who do not have any money as well as restrict others who dont have it, regardless that they may have a higher IQ and more creative than you, just that they dont have the materials to prove their worth and the education to do so as well. However special individuals called including myself who get put under the label of abductees (dont like calling abductions abductions, since the word itself is incorrect and had been invented in the USA by the US military since they see it as unlawful for people on other planets picking people up and running tests on them or even socializing with them, or even patching them up)… Since we all have been created by these people from space, they do have every right to pick us up and stuff , very much like a parent with a child since humanity as a whole has not grown up… regardless if you the exceptional hybrid or awakened being… since humanity as a whole tends to throw their toys out of the cot on the basis of rations of control and slavery called money.

Not even being in the Raelian Movement for a long time I have observed and examined how this commodity effects the psychology of this dynamic movement to the point that money itself had boiled up snobbishness , egoism , hierarchy creation/domination and control wich conflict to the teachings of love…resulting it being slandered, cultified oh what delemma… and others who are a part of it, dont see this and in fact mindlessly and indirectly support this , causing its own downfall and harassment by ignorant individuals who see every human error downfall as a way and means to target it.

Since being an natural eccentric spaced out individual, I had been greatly appreciated and accepted in the first stages, but when it came to money… the shit hit the fan… and it splattered, very much so… it was like a spray painter artist with diarrhoea recovering from an last nights abduction experience. As you know I actively dont support money knowing it changes people for the worst and know that it is killing the planet, very much like a Buddhist monk in Tibet, just that I am not in Tibet or India where I wish I was to meditate in the sensual temples of Khajuraho, they dont see this. I actively wish to attend the seminars and teachings to learn and be part of the movement, just as much as I attend the Vedic temple and meditations and teachings even though I dont see Hari Krishna as “god” but an Extra Terrestrial/ Star Person. They would not help me with transport to get to the events where I would trade for the help in the form of art such as a painting , which I am also doing one for the Vedic temple for some of the food they provided me, as well some spiritual study material to have access for free where normally they would charge people to pay money as donation. Since I dont have money, I tried with my creativity, where the artwork has more value than the value of currency itself… did you even know that Art itself is horded like gold and silver ? Yup the millionaires hord art into their vaults… because as the artist progresses , regardless on the skill of the work, it increases in value…

Art itself does not only have economic value, it has value of ideas and inspirations as well as teachings. The artwork itself says a message, not in the form of words but in the form of picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, and providing symbols and extra terrestrial charactered words in your art pieces would astound humanity when they are openly interacting with the galactic community, it in itself is a strong point in time and history. So it is truly ignorant and a form of discrimination to reject and block me or even threaten the cancellation of my membership with the movement, including limiting my freedom of voice and the ability have a say and share information and spiritual ideas because I have no money, its rather preposterous. From what I have observed, those who have money seem to have more say than those who dont and even have more intelligence, backbone and consciousness than the guides themselves… who have originally being placed above other people on the basis of how much they have in their pockets rather than on how much consciousness they have…

The thing is ragardless of myself being a hybrid, that even an Eloha that created you born on this planet, growing up disliking the structure of society and their struggle with it and the monetary currency system would join the movement would be rejected, discriminated against and not understood and even called barking mad, because they could not survive in the rat race earth society, to earn money… and when they told you who they are and what they are wnad where they come from, you would deny it and discriminate them further to the point banning them from the movement, before even getting to speak to the messenger ! This is sad and true… and nuasiatingly sick and twisted. This which is why the movement should not be assimilated into a religion… Yes Yahweh makes mistakes and is human too… his first mistake was separating  the first hermaphrodite human beings into male and female…but because of this I dont hate him for this, but have empathy and love, and realize its not him that caused my separation…but my earth parents who believe in an imaginary friend called GOD, which is a word used to label a lot of things as this is evident in monotheism and pantheism. But being part of the movement and in the background has been rather special, and noticed the impact an idea that is dynamite that supported awakening and understanding is very touching and moving, and they surely helped me discover truths about myself, and yourselves in a large way.

So I stand up for my rights that my right to boycott the violent nature of currency and share my experiences and teachings without any cost, very much like Hare Krishna did. I agree I am human to but not quite human, lol. I have learned a lot from others, and many people I encounter in my life are my teachers, and this is not only people I meet on this planet, this includes people on other planets. We are all one and the same, learning and teaching at the same time, assisting, helping , loving and all striving to make this place a better place for people. You dont need money to do this, this can be done through the pure love and warmth that comes from within the need to share. If people think you are egotistic because you are sharing , do not worry, you tell them this, that you share without any cost. True truth comes from the heart of love of true pure consciousness, not with a price tag attached to it. Often when selling truth, it has the potential to loose its truth, since money is on the mind not spirituality that transcends above all commodities.

That is why it is very important to share your experiences and not sell them, especially when your experiences are looked yp to as important. currency and money does not give value to information and truth , look at David Ike , because he is a money racketer , is all his words true ? Arcturing Star’s information about Reptilian beings is far more to the truth than the Reptilian Agenda of David Ike. I feel this because she has the urge to share her experiences out of love and not in the name of profit , marketing nor sales.  Because of this David Ike does not realize the potential damage he is causing with his lust for money with his misinformation created for marketing profits and sales. His work could cause issues with people with different blood types(associating RH negatives to reptilians), and race on the grounds of his work, which resembles Hitler’s genetic studies and assumptions of genotypes in the ideology of the pure race… which caused the holocaust.

Thus when I encounter websites that are of extra contacts , abductions etc that ask for money and payment for information and material, i dont agree to be fully true, and if it is fuly true, and the people are concerned to help and assist people, why should people be charged for the help and advice ? If an old lady needs help to cross the street, I help her out of the goodwill of my heart, not to get her accross and ask for a pound for the deed…

which is why… wtf charges people for this information ? I certainly would not share my story with them, where they would put it into a book and then sell it…

Much love and huggles,


By zwitterelf

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