Anonymous Zwitter (Cosmic Orgasm art and artist discrimination)

Cosmic Orgasm  


This is one of my best detailed sensual art oil paintings part of my zwitter(intersex/hermaphrodite) tailed rainbow elf series where I had combined the infinity above and the infinity below in one observable mix mash which one can sense in sensual meditation for more info for best information almost straight from the Elohom/extraterrestrials given to the chap, Rael to share here ( ). You can note the connection of tails forming a “heart” symbol which is the symbol of love, which reflects to beat of love with the glowing heart in the background. As you know there always is motion in the Infinite. I had been offended by people who found this work (last video on this page) of love as being offensive which is what is natural. People always use the excuse to protect children to try and prove their point, but do not protect their children from the violence and abuse, nothing but hypocrites, nor do they teach them the basics of life, love, empathy, compassion and understanding. This is perhaps the reason why Anananiah (an ET) appeared naked to me when I was a child and showed me things, which later had been confirmed by Rael passing the messages to all, so that not only one’s eyes can see to understand, but as well as the third eye to see and understand, the sixth sense, the pineal gland. How long will this stupidity and ignorance go on ? How long will people teach and lie to children about stalks dropping babies, the myth of a god to enforce and control them in fear and with threats ? How long ? I be sending this off to London, well because of the drama , don’t know if i can submit it…

You know if people don’t like something from a specific culture or spirituality, it gives them no right to enforce and control others, because they are different. I don’t go around forcing Islamists to take off their burkes because I don’t like it. People normally express an opinion, and leave at that, but to force , to reject to bully and to control… one does not need in their lives…

Reference work based on this digital piece.

This digital art done to be used as a reference for a painting in oils. Basically its the love expressed in sensuality between two beings, entities, human beings, regardless on that they have hair, scales and rainbow skin colour. Much people need to realize that issues of race and how different people look, should not give them the right to discriminate them. How can one welcome the extraterrestrials, Elohim, star people if they are so stupendously narrow minded and racist from the brainwashing of David Ike’s reptillian Agenda , to the negative outlook imposed on extraterrestrials as being bad people wanting to invade earth and exploit its resources and express a holocaust and war on the indigenous peoples of Earth. I have expressed my self time in and time again with the work, love from the stars and even my own voice…


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By zwitterelf

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