Intersex Awareness Day

Intersex Awareness Day

Every day a child is born, people ask is a it a boy or girl ?

For some a child is born a boy or a girl, but others

The question remains , because they are born both, boy and girl .

Some people who are born this way

Are left to stay their way,

Some people who are born this way

Are forced against their way.

My dream on Intersex awareness day

That people are left to be their way

As myself, I cant wash the tears away

Because I had been altered against my way.

So my message out to the parents, I say

Who’s children are born this way,

Let them be who they are truly are by their way

Not what you assume them to be by your way.

By zwitterelf

Allies of Humanity, Anti extraterrestrial hate propaganda…



Hello Dear Friends not allies, but friends, we friends of humanity, friends with the people of Earth, I am rather stressed out at the increase of extraterrestrial hatred that has been on the increase. Including the increasing misinformation and spread of fear about star people, or Elohim on how you name them, as star people are Elohim which means, those that come from the stars, which is more respectable than the politically correct “aliens”.  They are not aliens, or alien monsters like you see in Hollywood movies. I have also grown a concern about a specific subscriber  danielofdoriaa youtube  channel which I was subscribed to. I had decided to unsubscribe and protest against this new growing hatred and stupidity that does not help humanity as a whole, particularly under the circumstances of radiation leakage from Fukushima which would end life in the next 30 years or 20 years depending on how people work to fix things up, which is almost irreversible as compared to humanities’ chemical waste from fossil fuels and non bio-symbiotic technology used in industry. From observation, I have seen little or no improvement with the radiation spreading. There has been one observed attempt of using HAARP technology to neutralize the radiation, and nothing more. Governments around Asia, USA, Korea and keeping the seriousness of radiation secret, watching people get sick and die, and the ecology and life of the planet ruined , mutated and destroyed, making Earth wasteland. I was disturbed, shocked, that not only having to deal with the David  Ike tards and his reptilian anti extraterrestrial hogwash, and others, this to me is like the cherry on the top, that if I think too long on it, without even voicing my thoughts and concerns for the survival of life and not only humanity of this planet, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks knowing that life here is a prison. Knowing that life on other planets is better and more diverse on the  planets with communities capable of interstellar space travel, where as a ET hybrid earthling I feel trapped here. Allies of Humanity exists only to worsen the anti extraterrestrial fascism and global nationalism of an international dictator worse than existing bully called the US,something like Darth Vader.


The person who’s channel I subscribed to seems to have joined a cult called the Allies Of Humanity, a  hate-inspired wartime or war promoting  propaganda generated has a political agenda of  and a religious agenda called “The New Message From God” to confuse and create misunderstanding of intelligent life in the universe through Infinity. Thus giving the perception of life in this universe brane to mirror that of the social life and evils which exist on this planet in its political-religious dilemma. The Allies of Humanity enforces the perception of the ET intervention as being negative and illustrated as being invasive as expressed in most Hollywood alien invasion fictional films, that the extraterrestrials come here for sinister purposes of exploiting the local people of this planet and its life and resources. Their outlook and perception of advanced peoples in the universe is based on the reflection on how live exists on this prison planet called Earth. This basically is a giveaway for it being total bullshit, which is saying that extraterrestrials generally; if capitalistic inclined would invade earth for economic purposes as corporations, and if they are socialistic inclined, they would invade earth for occupation/ownership by military fashion. This is totally untrue to the truth of extraterrestrials capable of interstellar space travel. Here is my information to support my opinion. First of all, the technology or the production of energy in all flying saucer based technology, mechanic or biological work on zero-point energy production.  A basic flying saucer antigravity engine, if taken apart, would easily make a free-energy generator from its sub components.  Economics and money is reliable on non-renewable energy. This technology exists on Earth and your governments in the first world countries as you say sit on this technology so they can control you and milk your lives, working as slaves. I don’t understand why they do this, is it ego? Why do they hold so much lust to their economy and currency? It is not the natural way of the cosmos. When a planet is capable of producing zero-point energy and anti-gravity warp like engines, either inventing, or reinventing it from other inhabitants within the universe, it would normally focus on this and not hog it or hide it. The reliance on the non-renewable energy resources would decline, allowing the focus on developing technology which would take over the reliance of economy, and more on individual wellbeing and happiness. For example, if the hidden and suppressed technology was given to the people on this planet and not hidden in secrecy in the realms of the military industrial complex. The energy would be free, and transport would become cheap ending  borders and boundaries and countries, thus businesses in general would sprout, the economy would rise, as a lot of the reason of recession experienced on this planet is focused on energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power.  This would enable the acceleration in technology, to the point that money or even an economic system would render itself obsolete, as the technology would reach the point of replicating goods, and every individual would be capable of producing their own products from existing designs and from their own created designs like you see in Star Trek for example.  These actually exist and are in development on your planet and are in the field of nanotechnology, but kept secret or hushed up, because one can directly copy bank notes and coins. So this planet is capable changing the system into a paradismic (  society, but governments and the so called ruling elite, don’t which this to happen, which boggles my mind and makes me pain because of their stupidity.


Now that you know you have an idea what technology the extraterrestrial creators (bioengineers and designers) of humanity and occasional visitors have in their possession, what could they possibly want from humanity or even this planet and its natural resources? The Allies of humanity has a negative outlook of technology and claim it will not provide humanity with freedom, being free like the other extraterrestrials with advanced technology, free energy, no economy or money, space travel and the freedom to create?  This obviously shows that these proclaimed messages originated from this planet and not from the far reaches of the galaxy as stated or even our neighbouring inhabited solar system. Technology is to be developed and focused on being everlasting, self-renewing and have a symbiotic relationship for all life on the planet.  Because the technology of society of this planet is backward and primitive, it is bound to be messy and hazardous to the environment especially when most objects are designed with the concept obsolescence, in other words designed to buy and throw away producing waste to the environment and not coexisting symbiotically with the environment, life forms, and life cycles. Extra-terrestrials with economic motive perception is a joke and complete idiocy and would make science fiction other than science fact. This concept would only drive humanity into a new Dark Age /Middle Ages if they wish to eliminate science and technology, and keep religious texts, this would be your true Greater Darkness, where the only books that would help humanity become independent and evolve from this Dark Age would be the Raelian messages. If it was not for technology you would not be interacting with the planet and spreading your Allies of Humanity, New Message from God books, that are worth the value and function of toilet paper, or part of my cooking/water boiling kit survival kit in the aftermath of a false flag fake alien invasion which this movement is discretely supporting. It would support the weaponization of space, and an Earth empire to conquer the galaxy like Hitler dreamed of. I support the deweaponization of space and peace and friend of humanity, not an ally, a typical military industrial complex term. The only reason why extraterrestrials would Intervene would be for friendship, family reunion co-creation of life, love, prosperity, exploration, fun, enjoyment, happiness and help. They would provide contact or even on the basis on the general average statistic of the population of people on this planet and there positive perception and love towards extraterrestrials.


The extraterrestrial intervention is only available and the help is only provided on the statistical overall average of the people of this planet’s perception towards extraterrestrials and the understanding of them, for the safety of the extraterrestrials due to the violent and volatile nature to the local people of this planet.  This is perhaps the reason why I may not have been taken up and away, but to observe things and perhaps alert people on the production of misinformation that would isolate the humanity of this planet, and quarantine themselves from the rest of the galaxy and beyond, and perhaps destroy themselves in their own political-religious dilemmas.  As well as the stronghold of the industrial military complex that exists on this planet, thus creating the false flag assumption that star people/ETs/Elohim are the terrorists.  They also give a negative impression and have ideas of discrimination towards Hybrid/ETs like myself and assumption for making us appear as an invasive force to dominate and have dominion over this planet, which is entirely wrong.  They have no understanding of the true origins of humanity of this planet, and the patchwork of the hybrid program consists of genetic updates and improvements to alleviate the errors caused by original downgrades and cut downs to simplify the human life biology on the basis of aesthetics. Unfortunately this has caused major social separation of genders and sexual and gender discrimination. Where the male gender which contains the downgraded chromosome has caused decay of consciousness with its emphasis focused on war, economy, religion, racism, dogma and the lack of functioning relationship and functioning between the rational and creative mind in human beings, as humanity were originally hermaphrodites.


“Allies of Humanity” and “The New Message from God”, though they may appear positive, and look good on the outside, is but rotten for a more sinister motive, promoting ET xenophobia, in the very same way religions express false enlightenment. But once you know the truth and deception of world leaders, their false promises and inflicted and enforced pain of political and religious control enforced on humanity, and experienced the existence of extraterrestrials physically and in person, one has a better perception, and does not use assume and make a profit imagining the existence of star people aka Elohim. Allies Of Humanity expresses a political agenda is supported by the minority 1% elite , to toss in confusion, and lower the general population average positive perception, trust and openness towards Extraterrestrials, where , the other acts in a more religious(I prefer not to state spiritual). Thus providing ignorance, or trap for those who truly wish to discover what God is and what exists under the God label, thus preventing the inquisitiveness of people who think and wonder to discover the inner workings of things, the universe and everything, which prevent people to think any further than, the enforced God label, which is regularly described as a male dominating grouchy male entity, and not cosmic consciousness that comes from within. Where the truth is, there is no God… but those who believe there is one, is only confronting and seeing the censorship label, over the hidden things that they don’t want you to see.


Friends of humanity are here for love, peace making and prosperity. Allies of humanity are here for keeping borders and boundaries and separation. Allies only exist with the existence of boundaries and separation and term often associated with the industrial military complex. Countries are only allies for commercial and war purposes, and keep separation, with borders and boundaries. Industrial Military complex has lasted for centuries. Earths civilization is built on it particularly from Rome, perhaps why the strong religious association. Industrial (Commerce/Economics/Money) Military (wars/battles/fighting/violence/money/commerce)


Most deception on this planet, is created not for the benefit of humanity, but for Money purposes as well as political agendas, thus people who come on the scene proclaiming they are saviours of humanity, are just doing it to make a profit, and earn a living on the ignorance of the majority, or to lure people into a particular mind-set to stir up a war which would be of commercial asset on a large scale. When will this madness ever end? I have a feeling, with people awakening; humanity can no longer be assed with, but are prone to deception by dynamic revolutionary movements


Allies humanity – “enforce earth to be discrete with their interactions in space” read by a mouthpiece on their video who does not even know what discrete means. Discrete – constituting a separate entity or part; “a government with three discrete divisions”; “on two distinct occasions” Thus supports the weaponization of space. They also promote secrecy and assumptions that exist in the current system and the ideology spells out as a misinformation propaganda campaign that would be used to support the fake invasion false flag, where the war is not with extraterrestrials but of industrial military complex organic robots that look like extraterrestrials piloting reverse engineered ufo technology scavenged from shot down visitors of the past. Secrecy and Assumptions that would only make an ass out of myself and yourselves.


As an official “ET hybrid”, I find it was offensive, hurtful, and ignorant to assume that we “human-et-hybrids” exist to take over and rule and take the planet for economic purposes. I did not ask to be here, and if your statement was true I would be a banker, an employee of the industrial military complex, and I would have chosen to be here on this planet, but I did not, but was placed here, as an observer, an experiment.  I myself struggle to survive and live in an economic dominated society, as I do not understand economy, money, bureaucracy, policy, all I know is how to create, discover and invent. I don’t know how I manage to get by on a day to day basis in the current paradigm of this planet, from observing this; I have truly discovered why I am here from information from my star mother Anananiah, the information of the Raelian Movement, the information from the majority of the Starseed community, the information from the Light Workers and individual positive spiritual non-religious people including Carol Rosin who gave clues and motives of the hidden agendas of industrial military complex, when they have run out of false flag terrorists from countries, whom I all thank  all combined shows the objectives of the Allies of Humanity as false doctrine, fear inserting, war mongering movement, I am here to help people be aware of this issue, please spread what I have to say virally, and I do not want credit for this information as it is irrelevant.  


Much Love and Huggles from a friend of humanity, Namaste


what says To truly understand this challenging message, we must confront and question many of the prevailing assumptions and tendencies regarding the possibility and the reality of Contact. These include:


  • denial;( denial of what ? That the world leaders actions in regards to the subject of ETs is rubbing against their guilt ? )
  • hopeful expectation;(not hopeful expectation, the expectation is tallied statistically on the love vs hate towards ETs)
  • misinterpreting the evidence to affirm our beliefs;(that is an earth human issue of belief not understanding , not ET related)
  • wanting and expecting salvation from the “visitors”;(Because the governments are doing shit about anything, to concerned about economy and money than people’s lives, and the ecology and resources of the planet… but help would only be provided when statistically the love for ETs is higher than the hatred towards them).
  • believing that ET technology will save us;(it’s not believing, it’s evident, with genuine leaks from area 51 and others in WW2, if this technology is given to the people to revive them from slavery into a paradismic paradigm, eg free energy, anti-gravity transport which accelerate the production of nanotech and robotics for positive reasons, and not in aid of profit or war)
  • feeling hopeless and submissive to what we assume is a superior force;(The superior force is the governments, farming people with borders, countries, flags and economy scams, which are forms of slavery and manipulation) 
  • demanding government disclosure but not ET disclosure;(because there is few murder cases, torture cases, and custody cases of ETs who got shot down)
  • condemning human leaders and institutions while maintaining unquestioned acceptance of the “visitors”;(oh haha you gave the motive of this movement away… you think smart people are stupid..? so you can keep all this under the carpet and make wars with fake biological robots called “aliens” piloting reverse engineered spaceships to keep the industrial military complex last another decade when there is nothing left on the Earth ?)
  • assuming that because they have not attacked or invaded us, they must be here for our good;(It would be stupid for people who created humanity with bioengineering out of love to invade on it ? that is really stupid, if they did they probably had taken too much drugs, and lost their marbles, wtf seriously , they are concerned about their creation screwing up the planet and people’s lives)
  • assuming that advanced technology equals advanced ethics and spirituality;(not assumption, evident on other planets… the focus on this planet is not spiritually and well-being but on economy and profit)
  • believing that this phenomenon is a mystery when in fact it is a comprehensible event;(no it’s not a mystery, but you just creating another mystery and hype which if could lead further to repeat the doom of your history by drowning in your own hate)
  • believing that ETs in some way have claim to humanity and to this planet;(They don’t claim humanity, but humanity are their children, and are advanced enough to not try and own their children and abuse them like some earth parents do)
  • and believing that humanity is irredeemable and cannot make it on its own. (If humanity heads this way without even making contact and getting help from ETs, is heading that direction already)


By zwitterelf