Incoming Message to all Beings on Planet Earth

Dear people of the planet Earth, I have a few things to say, to spread awareness about the current predicament, please spread this video, download it, share it and treat it as anonymous. I do not wish to take credit for it, since it’s the information that is most important. If you are uncertain about the contents on this video, you are able to Google your questions, for the evidence, and the search engine reveal the evidence on your planetary library you call the Internet.

I have done extensive search through the Internet, eBooks, web articles through to youtube videos about the predicament of things happening in the present and happening in the past to estimate the future, which currently is looking rather bleak, but can be sorted out that there will be a future. My estimates do not show any future at all unless things change and I will discuss how you go about these changes, the more people that gets involved the better the future would reach to a future of humanity at the end of this paradox. I am with you in all this, and asking for your help, since I am not a super being.

So, what is the predicament you may ask? The predicament is that life on this planet would seize to exist in the next 29 years (30years, my last year estimate less one year), this can be confirmed with the statistics of Hitachi and a few scientists involved in observing and analysing the increasing radiation levels across the planet. It could be sooner if a thermo nuclear war would break out, which the current political situation with North Korea is rather wobbly and unstable and also it could be delayed depending on if there are any improvements. Or you can refer to the doomsday clock that sits on five minutes to midnight, which is not good at all, when 55 minutes are up in having life suitable to exist on this planet. The radiation is still known to be released but a little less than what it was in 2011, but when calculating and analyzing the poor waste disposal of radio active material

This video is not should not be used to create hype, overreaction but to create awareness, to stop, think and find solutions. To face the dangers that exist to all life on this planet, that is its fauna and flora and people, and to implement the solutions to make life suitable again on this planet, and everyone can get on their lives focusing on happiness, wellbeing and oneness. Please do not use this video for any form of monetization. Please do not associate it with the system of monetizing and currency if you wish to re-upload this video to your channel. Myself the original creator of this video favor’s it to come from an anonymous source with the idea of this being my voice and your voice. Since the mainstream media are not covering this topic openly and transparently.

Created by the people, for the people
Love, Namaste


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