I will not conform to the wills,wants and moral ideology of the religio-political elite. Religion, politics and justice system is a trap, and tools to impose their justification of making people victims for their lust of power, domination and exploitation. The religio-political elite are nothing more than psychopaths who mirror the Sith ideology from Star Wars combined with esoteric ritualistic schizophrenia, as reflected in their cremation of care ceremonies.

They do not focus on consciousness and evolving their consciousness to that of the people of the galaxy. Their plans are to annihilate life, people, fauna, flora and the planet for their lust in power and domination and call it an excuse of following natural law. Natural Law of what ?The natural law of a virus, as they are a virus , the destroyer of worlds. The galaxy will stop them, even when they have annihilated all life on this planet and move to the next. The universe, the infinite will consume them in their madness, because it would not allow them to have a host, a planet or a moon.

I will not conf…

By zwitterelf