Extraterrestrial Compendium, a resource of complete truth ? Think again, more like puzzle…

I stumbled on the web in my search of data about extraterrestrialsimage

, where this portrait that looks like David Bowie(oh yes androgynous , since they are really hermaphrodite) had been a portrait similar to Anananiah’s people, not fucking race or species.. (just the eyes are a bit wrong) as the pupils are larger.



Then there are other versions of the book…


Right… a red cover and then a grey cover with the particular “grey” starbeing, who’s neck is too tiny compared to reality of people who observed and labled some star people as “greys”. So knowing me I know how to get ebooks by bypassing the stupendous form of censorship which people dont realize , imposed by capitalism, instead of having a free ebook version… there is NO free version, and if I did buy it, it is structured around and contaminted by the anti-ET agenda.. depicted in this review, I extracted some quotes . http://teamhellions.com/2011/09/28/extraterrestrial-compendium-electronic-edition-review-take-two/

”. An image of fear, devastation, and destruction”, 

The book is divided into two types of aliens: good and evil. It makes it clear that the good have many more human qualities than any, and that the evil have a reptilian origin. Fans of David Icke will revel in the stark accuracy of this good and evil setting. Thankfully this little portion of the book is filled with more good than evil ET’s.”

So there we have it, Its a marketing gimmic of the anti-ET agenda, demonizing star people/Elohim, impregnating the innocent open minds of children,  categorzing the star people into races and species  like an intergalactic menagerie or zoo, other than recognizing them as diverse humanities of an intergalactic rainbow nation.

I wanted to analyse the book further, but looks like corporate masters own all the data… with some copy protect bullshit, stripping the pages into blank pages of the book i hacked off amazon.com, which made me burn a £5 note in protest…


By zwitterelf

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