star people

star people

By zwitterelf

Update on events.

Dear friends of the Earth and people of the Earth, I have a few things to say, first off I am a bit disappointed, sad and depressed about the current predicament, and I have provided a brief expression a year ago about the current predicament and had featured it on my channel. The problem is, it never got much coverage due to the fact I refuse to support the monetization of my channel especially the planet knowing it is the key factor to why this planet is messed up in the first place through the ages, particularly at the time of Nikola Tesla , where science should have got first preference over this stupendous antiquated nonsense called money and business. Secondly, censorship played a role, since it has been difficult to share these ideas across when I get continuously blocked for 30 days every single month this year because facebook staff are to stupid and mundane to tell the difference between art , and something that is genuinely offensive. It is reaching a point of ultimate stupidity where they are censoring constructive activism promoting human rights, when the human rights activists post pictures to expose the violation of human rights.

Then there is the issue of anti-extraterrestrial agenda, the ever growing bullshit of fear mongering, which had been manufactured by individuals who wish to sell novels which are nothing but horror fiction novels and claiming them to be non-fiction. Then there are those who focus on the truth the best they can but, the unfortunate thing they are beginning to market it, such as Steven Greer. I had warned him personally that extraterrestrial visits are something to experience and learn from and not something to market and turn into a cash cow circus. I had warned him that he will practically ruin a good thing, and destroy his own research by milking money from the research and not and also distract his research from the truth, and lies would be thrown in, when it begins to rely on money. I had emailed him that if he should continue this way, the extraterrestrials would not show up, and would fly by to investigate and would not stick around, because they do not wish to be cash cows , and if they do so they would be supporting the money disease that is killing all life on this planet very slowly and painfully.  Money is not consciousness, the star people aka Elohim love imaginative, intelligent and conscious people to connect and develop friendships with.

What I am going to cover are two doomsday problems that need to be sorted out, for life on this planet to exist, there is only 28 years, and there is no time to much about or turn the problem and including the existence of extraterrestrials as cash cows, and be focusing on the future such as fixing the radiation issue with Fukushima, working with alternative energy and promoting the positive ET awareness, so that the extraterrestrials probed their help which they are willing to provide. Making money out of them, is just beyond my understanding, that it hurts and frustrates me that I live on a planet where people would just about do anything and everything to make money out of, when I am myself even dislike selling my work and prefer to give it away , but sometimes need to do it when I don’t like it. Life on this planet is just sick and a living hell, sometimes maybe its all for the best that we would all die in the next 28 years, and everyone brought up here is contaminated with the disease of money that may infect other solar systems with hate and despair, but there are countless innocent people , and people who wish to make a difference, are constrained and restricted because of the money disease and its development of greed by others. People who wish to let people know they are not alone in the universe, only get discredited by those who just wish to use the mere existence of extraterrestrials and the facts that no one is alone in the universe as a cash cow, stripping away the authenticity of the evidence , making life difficult for those who have had experiences and only wish to share their stories for enlighten and extra observation to the fact, and then you get those who sell the anti-ET agenda crap of fearing “alien invasions” and the religious junk proclaiming extraterrestrials do be demons. Seriously I honestly don’t know if there is going to be positive change. It has reached the point where I am getting harassed by street preachers in the UK, which used to be a thing that happened in rural South Africa amongst the religious European ethnic minority.

As the two doomsday aspects that will most likely shift the doomsday clock closer to midnight is Fukushima, and secondly Censorship problem which is growing into an extremely stupendous aspect indicating the fall of this current civilization, which most of the censorship is based on the religio-political ideology and its fears with the human body and sensual and sexual intimacy.

1) Fukushima… and other environmental threats

2) Censorship.

The factors that would shift the clock further towards midnight in November (very likely by one minute, more likely by two minutes and less likely by three minutes: – with these possible figures 11:56, 11:57 and 11:58 as the possible readings next month. I hope I am wrong.

Fukushima: Uncontained Nuclear disaster (Chernobyl was contained), and the damage could total more than the combination of Chernobyl and all the test bombs that went off on this planet. Fukushima is over 168 Hiroshimas …

Censorship: a contribution factor that is covering up the above as well as censorship in general would make more people ignorant on top of the lack of education. This feeds religion, which would result in civilization going backward… and with people getting less smarter with the above disaster happening and religion on a rampage in the scarcity of resources… you bound to have your thermo nuclear zombie apocalypse which is a bit of an exaggeration, but am I exaggerating ? dont know and when you think about it to much it can drive you insane… because you cant do anything., since everything on what you can and cant do is constrained by the money/currency system….

Lets end these doomsday threats, before they lead to more undesirable threats. Also the star people are waiting for everyone’s total response… so far there has been more anti-ET propaganda shifting the over all planetary consciousness away from help.

I feel that this video would only lead towards myself repeating myself from the video I had done that I feature on my channel, so what I am going to do is add some clips reflecting the reality and thoughtfulness of the situation, hoping that it would make some impact and the seriousness of it all that people can get together and work together to build a future, not destroying it, with stupid things of putting money before people, treating people as human capital rather than sentient beings, implementing Paradism, working in getting those alternative energy devices out , sharing the designs to empower the people, instead of keeping them cryptic or making hoaxes. If you sharing hoaxes be clear in that you post to stimulate thought and ideas so someone else who can complete the imaginative idea into a working idea is possible, not selling and making money on the devices that would save the planet’s energy problems and evolve development away from the addiction of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Including alternative transport devices. The governments need to stop sitting on this technology and empower the people… Then also building an extraterrestrial embassy, understanding that extraterrestrials are not a threat and never been a threat, while eradicating stupid bureaucratic laws which get environmentalists, protesters, people who give shit about the fact there is only one planet, and who give a shit for all life and people on this planet who are fighting for a future from being locked up in prison and charged for bullshit.

There are only two choices left and these choices are extinction or having a future for yourselves and your children. This video will sound like a rant because I am sick and tiered of the world leaders and them being sick from the money disease who just don’t give a dam about anyone and anything but money and accumulating wealth with old antiquated systems and being so selfish, where they forget that they were lucky to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, where they fail to understand and realize that they could have been born as that starving person, that they throw their nose up to…

I do hope this video would help people think about the predicament and things get done by eliminating the environmental threats, trashing money and moving to Pardism a world without work and money, getting those alternative energy devices out and OPEN SOURCE (which funding your projects selling parts so people can easily assemble/modify and improve or working gadgets , to those who do not have workshops and laboratories to assemble the difficult bits, not charging people for useless conferences and movies and private website logins, these should be FREE!! So there is a MORE flow of more ideas and improvements) to make people as independent as possible from the corrupt governments and harassing energy corporations.

Working to build an embassy for extraterrestrials , the Raelian Movement is READY all they need is the “go ahead”, so there is more help and solutions on hand from the star people, and intelligent people from all aspects of life and not restricted to those who have money in their pockets. None of this charging people for conferences and techniques to get acquainted with the extraterrestrials, it only feeds the trolls of the anti-ET agenda and only chases the extraterrestrials away as they don’t like being used as cash cows, and stop the censorship please for the sake of preventing the death of your children and all life on this planet. So next time you think of using the report button on my artwork, if you don’t use it, you’re saving a life in the future. And anyone who is supporting the idea that Facebook blocking me is a good thing to force me to go out in real life is just being stupid for the moment and not thinking , that they are contributing to the bullshit and not supporting freedom and happiness and the free flow of information. If I was not blocked on facebook, besides being disconnected from friends and family… imagine the countless things I could have shared for you, your ideas and solutions for a better future? Did you ever think about that? In future please do, and if anyone, I mean anyone who is getting unfairly silenced and censored, do your part in what way you can to support and help them… because if you don’t, you could be the next target to be gagged by the system, which is rather awkward if you should need to share important information. Please think, and don’t run on automatic..

I think we can do this… if we work together.

Much love


By zwitterelf