Few thoughts about current predicaments to avoid extinction

Dear Friends of the Earth, I have a few thoughts to share about the current predicament of current affairs on this planet. First of There has not been much change for the positive as this planet continues its path down the toilet, with political agendas becoming more fascist, and all resources, time and effort gets thrown into wars rather than fixing the issue of Fukushima, with humanity heading to the point of extinction like lemmings who choose to jump off the cliff and drown into the ocean. I would be sharing you a few snippets in the video introduction, to awaken your attention, which would help you understand what I have to say. I do not ask you to believe it, since I am only requesting that someone would understand, be awakened and take action in the best way they can regardless of what they are capable of, regardless of how much resources you have at your fingertips. If you are a religio political elite member, I hope this may help you realize how serious the situation is, and what you can do so that you, and everyone else has a future. That humanity can thrive successfully on planet earth and in the galactic community and beyond.

First off before I start, I state that You are not alone in the Universe, and God does not exist, when I go through all what I have to say, you would understand why I say this. That people have been forced to believe that life does not exist elsewhere in the universe, even when there is evidence that this planet has been visited several times, and that people are forced to believe in an imaginative god authority , so people are easily controlled as “masses” or “human capital” in so-called economic terms. Everyday science is providing the evidence to extraterrestrial life and other worlds in other solar systems, even when one has not socialized with an extraterrestrial being from a far off solar system. With the discovery of exoplanets, earth like planets, the abundance of drifting water in ice crystals just as much as there are rocks floating about in space.  Science reveals more and more evidence that when extraterrestrials do make an official first contact appearance, that they are not interested to exploit the planet’s inorganic and organic resources, its water and its life forms. That their technology is capable of doing almost anything and everything from creating life, to transforming one element to another on the periodic table without any radioactive issues, replicating objects, and much more. This proves the anti-ET agenda conspiracy theorists who follow the bible like some hitchhikers guide to the galaxy to be nothing but indoctrinated unaware servants of the Matrix, the illusion of mind control created on this planet to exploit people as resources stripping them away from their identities and being, what it really means to be a human being, a conscious being, that is self-aware and creative. The truth is the people you call “aliens” are actually more human than yourselves, not meaning homo -sapiens but according to the idea of being humane. Are all humans humane ? prove and show that to  your interstellar neighbours , that you are truly human to the definition of what it is to be humane. Because quite frankly humanity is alien to the rest of the life on Earth, by the way it exploits it.

I have done videos that were reasonably informative being aware of the situation, and providing positive solutions and methods to help assist in your survival in many ways possible, from alternative energy to renewable energy solutions, the elimination of the money disease and introduction of Paradism, the understanding on what religion is , that it is a mind control indoctrination technique and including working on trying to get help from extra-terrestrials when all of the above has been unsuccessful.  The anti-ET agenda which is supported by the industrial military complex as one of the wars to keep the industrial military complex going, has become unbearable and difficult to reason with the indoctrinated, due to the fact of these reasons:

1)      People who have not had an authentic extraterrestrial  experience, often rely and believe the stories of others, regardless if they are authentic or nonsense because there is not enough available evidence for them to analyse and decide for themselves and understand the existence of extra-terrestrials.

2)      There is a large negative perception of extraterrestrials published by the media in much of the fiction, where extraterrestrials are visualized as alien invaders coming to earth to exploit people and resources rather than visitors or some other perception, which is not negative. Alien invasion movies to me personally has become boring and over saturated and screams political propaganda other than entertainment.

3)       Religious beliefs and a large majority of theism have the perspective of Earth being the centre of attention in the galaxy, that some even believe that Earth is the only planet where life exists, and that a divine being which they call God dumped life here, including the so called fallen angels. These religious groups and people believe the myth of these fallen angels are extraterrestrials and come from inside this planet. This kind of reminds me of history when people believed the sun moved around the Earth, including the planets stars, galaxies and so on.

4)      Then the false reports, books and documentaries about extraterrestrials, often produced in the idea of making money, other than providing information. Much of these reports incorporate the points of religious and theistic perspective, the fictional hype released as non-fiction. Most of these contain hype and sensationalism, where there is a 10% truth, and 90% has been thought up and imagined to create a story that would sell, or a book that people would buy. These are heavily supported by the industrial military complex and religio political elites to keep people in the dark about extraterrestrials, and the idea of life on other planets

5)      Then the political agenda and perception of calling extraterrestrials or better said star people, or historically speaking Elohim, as being called “aliens”. “Alien” was a word created by the industrial military complex and the religio political elite. An extract from the Collins dictionary states that an Alien(s) means belonging to a different country, race or group, usually one you do not like, fear or disapprove. Which is equivalent or connects with the definition of Xenophobia. Xenophobia is the strong and unreasonable dislike or fear of people from other countries. Here is an extract that this definition relates to military indoctrination (he said they were opposed to the presence of alien forces in the region)


Other definitions of “alien” are: Something that is described as strange, perhaps frightening, because it is not part of the normal experience. (eg His work offers insight into an alien clulture).


So there we have it, straight from the book, by definition, extraterrestrials are perceived negatively from this foundation with all the rest of the nonsense and anti-ET agenda claptrap constructed on this.

This leaves the question, Why? It seems that it has been designed or planned this way, and extraterrestrials are automatically perceived as a no-no to this planet’s society and culture.

As you can see anti-extraterrestrial indoctrination seems to be widely distributed over different faculties, and if people don’t seem to realize or understand this, then I don’t know. I tend to get the most negative responses from the religious and some of the theistic bunch, particularly those who are religious. They sometimes get quite personal where their religious indoctrinations don’t see the wrong doings of my earth parents on how I had been surgically mutilated and forced into the gender role of society they wished me to be in as if they owned me because I had been born hermaphrodite, because of religious reasons.  The male gender of this humanity that has been set superior than the female gender and they dominate the religious and political issues of society because their religious books say it so.  This has left the planet in quite a mess.

The religio political elite are predominantly male

A planet without men.

Dont I wish I lived on a planet where men dont exist, 
Equality hardly exists in this planet of males and females
Hermaphrodites and Androgynes are asumed to be a myth
Yet so many earthlings believe that a god is not a myth
Transsexuals and transgenders are frowned on,
Conservatives consider the small and big changes an abomination.
In some places even women are put down not alone by segregation.

Men dominate the planet, together with their invention,
The oldest mind manipulation called religion
The religio political leaders that made this planet a prison
Are all males, who abuse little children.
From the the highest levels that no one can name their positions
Down the authoritarian pyramid of political theism to the free masons
All male totalarian testosterone penis brain driven bunch of scum,
Raping mother earth until she bleeds into the stars, cutting her open.

Will mankind, yes, man kind, kill mother earth, with nukes ?
Sprawling her insides into the moon in full glare of the sun ?

If only this planet had no men, men as such, this man kind
The inhumane insane human, burning babies on giant owl statues
Molesting boys in churches, marrying little girls in mosques…
Making millions of money from civil and world wars they caused.

I wish I lived on a planet that had no men, especially this man kind.
If there were no men, such as these , we would be exploring galaxies by now.


 (excuse me for being sexist and ranting out a bit of sexism, where the truth is these religio political elite cultists are the real sexists you should be setting your attention on as the problem that needs to be solved, my frustration is a pure reflection and emotional expression of this.), and because of their wrong doings and what they do besides manipulating society and enslaving them who are not part of their religio-political agenda. The annoying thing is much of the people who protest against their madness, blame the extraterrestrials for this and claim the extraterrestrials are behind this entire religio-political elite agenda. So what do the religio-political elite do? They support, finance people to support the blame against extraterrestrials, which incorporate in the industrial military complex to provide misinformation and fear in regards to extraterrestrial people forming the illusive and delusional suspense of an “Alien Agenda”. The religio political elite are complete psychopaths testosterone driven penis brained idiots who burn babies on giant owl statues in secret political meetings,  who rape little boys in religious institutions in the west, marry little girls in religious institutions in the middle east as being acceptable by Sharia law, and a lot more atrocities, paedophilia and child abuse, which is evidently been exposed but hushed up in public organizations such as the BBC and the conservative political party of the United Kingdom, and there is a lot more yet to be found.

However none of the options seem to be working at the moment. I appreciate the people who are trying their best in at least getting one of those things to work, but encounter a brick wall that had been laid down by the religio political elite. The last option to get help from extra-terrestrials is by far the easiest, and would provide a stepping stone for the rest, especially when knowing and understanding that there is only a rough 26 years left for the indication of surviving extinction. After 26 years if extinction would be immediate , with the unfortunate and vulnerable such as myself dying first, with the elite minority dying last with their attempts of trying to leave the solar system, but would not be allowed to because of their murder crimes against humanity.

I am going break down this information into topics or headlines, and cover each condition.



Fukushima is been quite in the media, as well, as governments , institutions and what not instead of covering up, cleaning and neutralizing the physical radiation issue, they have been eradicating and covering up the information about it. The truth is Radiation is still being released into the Pacific Ocean and approximately a third of the sea life has been completely eradicated.  There has even been a cover up in the decline of sea life, instead of admitting that the radioactive pollution is the cause of it, they find other reasons which have no scientific ground to the cause of the mass eradication of sea life. Yes these other things do contribute to the death of sea life such as chemical and garbage pollution and have always been for the last three decades, but the radiation pollution is the big culprit. Why is so much energy and effort gets put into an information cover up other than a radiation cover up , simply blows my mind, when it contributes a ticking time bomb to the extinction of all life on this planet , with its time left to be 26 years.  Is it because the nuclear energy industry, is wholey structured around the production of nuclear weapons?  How much nuclear weapons are made in the process to light a light bulb in every single home ? Why is the nuclear power industry not using the safer, and cleaner thorium nuclear reactor which is old technology, compared to the even more cleaner  cold fusion , zero point  and solar energy ? So many alternative renewable cleaner energies including a water combustion engine… no they choose to  kill themselves and everyone else with fossil fuels. This gives me the perception that they are no different from an Islamic suicide bomber; just their suicidal genocide is slower than the religious extremist version.

International governments have been observed, instead of putting their money and resources uniting nations and solving the differences come together to fix this threat of radiation and roll out the cleaner energy , they create division and threat among each other and focus all their money and resources into war with each other.  Like it or not, I feel pity and remorse and empathy , that innocent lives, people who want to have a future, people who are not interested in fighting and waring with each other are the first ones to be eradicated by this mess.  There is something seriously wrong here. While the planet is slowly dies, these religio political elite get themselves in heavy monopoly of war and conflict that is so easily resolved. They try and put reason to the delusion of currency and money, which has been an illusion from the start, they but this shit, this money shit and make it more important than the lives of their fellow human beings and the lives of the plants and animals on this planet. Instead of eradicating the fossil fuel industry and compulsory roll out of electric vehicles or even the roll out of anti gravity vehicles which would reduce the need for roads and railway infrastructure, thus restoring the planet, with a few extra space for nature, in-between cities and towns, has not been done. What they go and do is punish the people by fining them, or even sending them to prison for those who refuse to pay the fines, because they drove their vehicles on days not permitted by the government. This is so stupid. They have turned the disaster into a business. This is complete infection and sickness of the money disease. It is the religio political elite that need to be punished for all their crimes against humanity and the planet.  They think they can get away from because they have money?

The truth is money won’t save them from extinction, when they have made everyone else who is financially unfortunate, the planet’s plants and animals extinct. They need to realize and wake up to this. But their mind control indoctrination has infected themselves and everyone, which is metaphoric the matrix, and people would fight and defend the illusion, be it the money disease and economy, to be it their religious beliefs and the belief of a god which never exist.

Then wars and technology, I have noticed round about the mystery of flight of the Malaysian airliner much of the observations and public evidence points towards the intervention of the industrial military complex, where they thought it would be a live experiment for their Wunderwaffe in other words their new war toys, which they would bring out into to the public domain at the cost of civilian lives. Electromagnetic pulse cannons as you say, which was Tesla’s invention in the past were originally. It isn’t all new tech, just the same tech with modern tweaks, like the way the audio CD was invented in the 1960s and only popped out of existence in the 1990s.  These electromagnetic pulse cannons require a lot of electrical energy to utilise them. The question is, how do they produce or obtain this energy from small energy resources on a ship out at sea or on an aircraft or tank ?

The answer is they have a zero-point energy device, also known as a vril generator, this accumulates and spirals the electrons, within the coils geometrically arranged  such as a Rodin coil,  with aid of magnets that provide an almost complete perpetual motion acceleration, together with capacitors to produce an immense amount of energy, very similar like how high voltage is created and generated in electrical storms. The same technology is applied in electric cars that charge themselves and so on.  This amazing technology used as a weapon is a crime against humanity and does not benefit humanity a t all, when there is a so called “energy crisis” on the go and the pollution that is harming the planet is connected to the fossil fuel industry, that not only the carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide emissions are part of the climate change, but the intoxication and underground water with fracking. Fracking also has noted to cause vibration and earthquakes, and in some cases aggravate the pressure around tectonic regions , where things would have occurred naturally, occur more unexpected than usual and unaturally, such as the risk of Yellowstone in the US has increased, and the animals have already sensed the vibrations and started to migrate away from the region.  Then chem trails, how on earth do I find the logic of saving the planet from pollution by adding more air pollution ? This is not a quick fix, but only prolongs the damage and the difficulty and adds more time for the planet to detox its natural chemical cycles.

Then robotics, that could end the slavery and work of people, where people’s bodies and minds are free from the money disease and the enforcement of work just to put food on the plate and have a roof over their heads, to bring about Paradism. No what this planet goes and does is create more robots and more advanced robots to execute and carry out the whims and wants of the industrial military complex. What a complete waste , where the resources gets made into constructing them, just to end lives of people, and end up being blown to bits in the middle of battle. It’s a disgrace and complete madness and stupidity.

So what are you doing to help assist this planet has a future ? Are you sharing information, sharing enlightening philosophy and spirituality to raise consciousness and sensitivity and respect for life? Is your art making a difference and helping people think and awaken from the delusion that has been pulled over their eyes about religion, belief and policy ? Do you question policy and rules and enquire for a fair reason behind them? People follow rules and orders without even knowing why. They do it because they are told, with an attachment of threat and fear, without any logical conscious reason. Does your scientific work provide benefit to humanity and life, and add the value of happiness, health, care and wellbeing to all life forms ? The religio political elites don’t care, and they express their don’t give a fuck by burning babies and children in front of owl statues at the cremation of care ceremony, which further disconnects them from reality and their association and reason of existence in the universe.

If you can’t reply as one of these with a yes , or even state that you have successfully tried whether you failed or succeeded , you seriously need to sit down and think, and meditate. One of notions that is reflected in the star wars saga , is you either understand the universe or the infinite and how you see yourself as part of the universe  or the infinite, equal to all the life forms that are born and inhabit the universe or infinite, like in the way of the Jedi (may the force be with you). Or you are the ones that exploit the natural resources, and exploit the universe and infinite and the life forms that inhabit it like the Sith (may the force serve you well).

Choosing the option of the sith, that is to exploit everything and anything you come across within your existence, leads to death, destruction and most of all your own extinction, your own death and your own destruction .

This is something serious , you can’t go about continuing these stupid wars, all this killing, all this pollution all this mess…

If the religio political elite don’t wake up to their wrong doings, and the wake does not make them head off to immediate suicide due to the realization of the blood on their hands…

The extraterrestrials are waiting for the response of an over al positive perception over the negative perception about them. You need to understand that even if you don’t request the help of the extraterrestrials  that they are people and equal to yourselves. No they are not here to invade, and they never did. The ancient astronaut theory is just as corrupt and wrong like the original covered up history. There is no heaven, and no hell. The only heaven and hell that exists is what you make this planet to be. Currently the hell is this planet and the demons and the devil are the religio political elite who are human beings who need to wake up and realize their delusion just as much as the people are awaking up from the delusion and illusion that these people constructed to manipulate you and use you as cattle.. There is no supernatural god, no supernatural devil and demons. That is all a lie to insert fear, anxiety, trauma, worry and distress to control your mind.

There is no God, God is an imaginative authority that had been put into place to control people and make people submit to the system.  There are people that are being blindly used without them even knowing they do it, to sell you more lies so they can make money out of your gullibility. This vicious cycle of competition and antagonization  needs to be broken, where you think and dramatize and feel in favour for the “end of days” biblical nonsense written by an ancient blacktops agent called Saul/paul of the roman empire nowdays known as the Christian church,…. From a radical spiritual group seen as a cult at the time of the true Christians who were murdered because they agreed with Jesus teachings and philosphies, and turned into a religion. The Roman Empire did it before with taking the Greek mythology and renamed the gods, just for a political and a way to control people who did not know any better.

Science helps people see the bigger picture, it provides the insight of knowing and understanding how things work, to see beyond the religio political indoctrination, where things that were considered mystical have a scientific explanation of being true or a smart illusion. Magicians are actually Illusionists, there is a logical step of tricks that are explained involve, chemistry, physics, quantum physics. These steps are made secret so that the illusionist can make a fortune out of the people who do not know, who do not understand, but believe it is all magic by pure faith. They make people speechless and follow mindless in awe , because they do not possess the information, the data the knowledge however you call it, to do it themselves.  As long as money, religion, policy and fear exists people would remain in the illusion, the bubble , and still believe that they are the centre of the universe, and are being watched and judged by an authority. In other words, the belief of a god is the old fashioned “Big Brother”. So people are waking up, getting smarter and realizing this, they then use the technology against the people and put cameras and drones all over the place, and satellites to monitor everyone’s move on the surface of the planet, and including internet censorship of information, just to keep people, whom the religio political elite human beings, not extraterrestrials which much of the people like to blame, and are guided to think that way to avoid the truth.

The religio political elite need to realize that every single human being on this planet is equal to themselves. They are not human capital, they are not property, they are not personal fictions, but another version of yourself. When you think about it, the religio elite need to count their blessings on the basis of pure luck that they ended up with a silver spoon in their mouths. They need to realize that they could have been that starving child with the swollen belly not knowing about and thinking about what to do when they grow up, like what you did with your silver spoon, but these children think about when will they get their next meal, and am I going to live to see the next sunrise.  I recommend that you gather your resources and intel to transform this planet into a liveable place for every single human being, every single animal and every single plant. Because in the end we are all dependent on each other because we are all part of the universe or the infinite. Much of the this earth’s chemistry is in our bodies, not only that even the parts of life forms that lived their lives contributing to the cycle of life so that you could exist today.  If you go back further, you contain the chemistry of the sun, the chemistry of the stars, and the remains of endless infinite cycle of the universes recycling.  Being alive supposed to be something worth enjoying , not some experience where all you wish to do is die because your experience being alive is a living hell and a nightmare, and the mere experience of existing is disturbing.

I do hope these thoughts I have shared would make some impact that You and I would have a future, and that there would be a future for your children, and earth would be a home for life forms until the sun eventually consumes it, while this humanity successfully extends the cycle of life creating worlds and wonders on barren planets, making interstellar neighbours, or simply exploring the vastness of space, just enjoying the planets, stars and life forms., just living life and being happy like the people that come visit this planet… They don’t travel around with weapons, because they don’t believe in shit such as wars, national security, religion , god and so on. Because there is trust, understanding and transparency, openness and respect in interstellar civilizations.

Who needs to be bogged down by rubbish  ? No one does.. and because you have money to not be bogged down by rubbish, does it give you every right to bog someone else down ?

No… Think please.



By zwitterelf